RapidShelter is the turnkey solution for quick, safe & secure multipurpose shelters, walls & decks




Only one tool is needed to build any of the different types of RapidShelters.

The RapidShelters are simple, quick and easy to install in any location you choose.

The RapidShelter system allows for compact storage and easier transportation.

APS Structures..... Home of RapidSystems

The newest innovation in rapid deployable structures, supplying the highest degree of protection from any type of demanding environment. From extreme temperatures and unleveled terrain, to intense sound and ballistic requirements, RapidSystems has you covered. Requiring only a minimum skill set and amount of time to setup, one of our various types of RapidSystems is the solution to your temporary building needs.


  • Light weight, yet very sturdy
  • Quick & safe assembly with minimum labor
  • Insulated, easy to heat & keep cool
  • No hardware
  • Fire Barrier
  • Sound Barrier
  • Tamper proof
  • Elevated /Levelable Floor System
  • Easily disassembled and relocated

Insulated Laminate Panels

Modularity = Versatility

Structure Dimensions

Wall and ceiling panels are 2" to 4" laminated SIP Panels in various combinations of UV protected vinyls, light weight, fireproof, insect proof, water proof, and rot proof.

Modular floor, wall and ceiling panels can be assembled in a variety of configurations utilizing interior walls and doors to create offices, living quarter, bathrooms, storage areas, & refrigerated rooms.

The modular floor & deck system allows for interconnected rooms or individual units on the same floor or deck.

Flat Roof:

  • 4’, 6’, 8’, 10’ or 12’ Deep Structures
  • 6’ to 10’ Heights
  • Unlimited widths in 2’ increments


Gable Roof:

  • 7' to 10' Eve Height
  • 8' to 20' Depth
  • Unlimited width on both

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